Celebrating Excellence in Cybersecurity Marketing

Are you ready to witness the grandest gathering of cybersecurity marketing professionals at CyberMarketingCon 2023? We are thrilled to present 'The Marquee Awards' – an unforgettable evening of recognition, celebration, and networking.

Applications Due: November 29th, 2023
Awards Ceremony: December 12th, 2023

Welcome to 'The Marquee Awards' at CyberMarketingCon 2023!

At 'The Marquee Awards,' we will shine a spotlight on excellence in the cybersecurity marketing field across various categories. Whether you're a seasoned marketing veteran, a creative content creator, or an emerging talent, there's a category designed just for you to shine.

Apply or nominate someone for a General Category Marquee Award! These Awards are Free to Submit!

Marketing Mentor of the Year

Gain invaluable insights into high-leverage creator tools that can skyrocket your content to new heights. Delve into deep discussions with experts and peers alike, exchanging knowledge and experiences that can shape the future of cybersecurity content creation.

Best New-to-Cyber Talent

This award is to celebrate a new-to-cyber marketer that is making waves in spite of their limited experience in the industry. The winner will be selected based on a description of their impact on their organization.

Best 1-Person Marketing Team

This award is to celebrate the “one-person show” marketers out there that are killin’ it with their generalist skills. The winner will be selected based on a description of their impact on their organization.

Future Leader Award

Know someone that you just KNOW is destined for cyber marketing leadership success? Submit them and let them know that they are on the right track!

Marvelous Cyber Pet of the Year

Have an adorably marvelous cyber pet? Nominate them for Cyber Pet of the Year!

Funniest Cyber Marketer of the Year

Is there a cyber marketer that consistently cracks you up? Nominate them for Funniest Cyber Marketer of the Year!

Free to submit!

Specialist Awards

Apply or nominate someone for a Specialist Marquee Award! These Awards are Free to Submit!

Best Cybersecurity Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing isn’t easy. This person makes it look like a breeze!

Best Cybersecurity Memes Creator or Sharer

TL:DR who makes the best memes?

Most Engaging Content Award

Who do you think deserves recognition for consistently creating great content? Throw their names in the hat!

Most Creative Cybersecurity Marketing Campaign

Have you seen a cyber marketing campaign that really blew you away? Nominate them for this award!

Most Influential Podcast

There are some awesome cyber podcasts out there. Which of these do you think is really making an impact?

Most Creative Partner Marketer of the year

Life is better with a great partner…or should we say PARTNER MARKETER! Nominate a partner marketer that you think is killin’ it!

Number 1 Field Marketer of the year

Field marketers do - and deal with - it all! Who is the best field marketer you know, who is excelling in their...FIELD?

Best Product Launch of the year

Did you see that? That launch was incredible! Let them know that your loved their product launch by nominating them for this award!

Best CMO/Head of Marketing award

Bosses are many, but leaders are few. Here is the place to call out that CMO or Head of Marketing that you think is doing an exceptional job.

MVP Award

For an amazing marketer who doesn't fit into one of the other categories.

Freelancer We Love to Work With!

Freelancers: you can’t live without them and you can’t live without them. Name one that makes your life better and give them some props!

Cyber Vendors/Agency

This is highlighting vendors & partners that do a great job for cybersecurity marketing teams!

Applications are $250 per submission. Profits go to our charity partners!

Analyst Relations Award

The best analyst relations or analyst firm you know!

Marketing Agency of the Year Award

A good marketing agency is hard to find. Especially in cyber. Is there one you think deserves a mention?

Content Marketing Agency of the year award

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Name a content marketing firm that you think does a killer job.

New Kids on the Block

Don’t reject me because I’m young… Nominate a new vendor that seems to be doing things the right way.

PR firm of the year

*Microphone tap* Is this thing on? Which PR firm is amplifying their clients in the best way?

Easiest to Work With

Can you think of a marketing vendor you work with that actually makes it EASY to work with them? Give ‘em a shout out here.

My Favorite Vendor

This is for a vendor that you just love…think brands you really admire, but for cyber marketing.

Coolest ABM Tool

“ABM” should mean “Account Based Marketing”, not “A Big Mess”. Name an ABM tool that you think makes your ABM efforts better.


Join in and nominate your favorites!

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2023

CyberMarketingCon 2023 is all about uniting our community and saluting the exceptional work you do. We invite you to participate, nominate your peers, and become an integral part of this electrifying event. For detailed submission guidelines, please click here:


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