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What is CyberCMO Summit?

CyberCMO Summit is a closed-door, CMO & Head of Marketing only event for 1 day inside of CyberMarketingCon. 

Exclusive & Confidential

Marketing executive leaders gain the most value from learning directly from those who walk their path. CyberCMO Summit offers a rare platform for marketing executives in security to engage deeply with their peers. This is your chance to meet, collaborate, and exchange insights with fellow CMOs in a setting dedicated to your professional growth.


Private Executive Networking


Closed Event, No Livestream


Interactive and Discussion Led


Curated Agenda of Wisdom and War Stories

A Curated Agenda, by CMOs, for CMOs

Our agenda is the product of collaborative input from the CMOs within the Cybersecurity Marketing Society. Expect an itinerary that reflects the collective wisdom and specific needs of CMOs and marketing leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

Interactive and Discussion-Led Sessions

CyberCMO Summit focuses on interaction over presentation! Sessions will be led by CMOs themselves, fostering a dialogue-rich environment where discussions take center stage. 

Last Year's Agenda

Whether you're planning a corporate conference, a gala dinner, a wedding, or any other special occasion, our dedicated team of event experts is here to bring your vision to life.

Rebuilding Trust with Customers After a Cyber Incident

Let’s face it. With at least 1 cyberattack occurring every 39 seconds, chances are that even highly regarded (and targeted) companies—regardless of their diligence, defenses, and resources—will face a public security exposure. As a CMO, you’ve given this some thought. Your plans may look good on paper… until 5h17 hits the fan.

Based on their experiences during the most sophisticated cyberattack ever conducted on a public company by a foreign nation-state—SUNBURST—join Jenne Barbour (SolarWinds VP, Corporate Marketing), Anselm Kia Peng (SolarWinds GVP, Customer Success), and John Eddy (Goldin Solutions Managing Director) for a discussion led by Scott Gordon (former CMO, Pulse Secure).

Stop Destroying Value: Six Leadership Disciplines

Join us for a closed-room discussion with Andy Ellis, Advisory CISO & Operating Partner at YL Ventures. This will be a discussion onthe six key leadership disciplines that can help leaders stop destroying value. It emphasizes the importance of personal and team development, alignment, inclusion, inspiration, wellness, and effective planning.

Get Up-to-Date on the Hiring Market for CMOs, and for CMOs Hiring Teams Right Now

Discussion led by Nimmy Reichenberg & Mimi Gross

VC Perspective: Outlook & Expectations of 2024

Megan Dubofsky, Operating Partner at 1011VC
Andy Ellis, Operating Partner at YL Ventures

What's After CMO? Prepare For What Happens Next

Moving from CMO to Advisor, Without Being Screwed

Led by Tyler Shields